Meet Our Team

Meet Our Directors

Anicha Abdul

Anicha is the Managing Director and co-founder of EP Management & Consultancy Services. (EPMCS). In her role she oversees the company’s strategy to sustain and improve the excellent service experience enjoyed by EPMCS’ clients. She is responsible for the company’s international strategic partnerships initiatives which enable EPMCS to offer superior service to clients. Anicha has over 15 years’ experience in expatriate employees contracting. She is fully acquainted with the Mozambique Labour Laws & regulations and the business operating environment. In her client work, Anicha provides service to mega projects in Oil and Gas, Mining, Energy, Telecoms, NGO and Construction sectors. Anicha holds Bachelor’s & Masters degrees in Business Administration and is the former Vice President of Chambers of Commerce France in Mozambique (CCIFM)..

Noleen Massuco

Co-founder and director of EPMCS and instrumental in the growth and success of the company. Noleen holds Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management from Birmingham University, United Kingdom which assists in her role of overseeing company operations, client service & experience and innovation. She has over a decade of experience in human capital and talent management. She has over the years enabled recruitment of talent at all corporate levels, for various sectors of the economy. In her client work, she provides services to mega projects in Oil and Gas, Mining, Energy, Telecoms, NGO and Construction sectors. She is responsible for managing an outsourced workforce of over 1000 employees across all provinces in Mozambique. Noleen’s areas of expertise include but not limited to Labor Outsourcing and Talent Acquisition Services.

About Us

Brief history of the firm

We are a Mozambican Management and Human Capital Consulting Firm founded in 2010 as EP Recruit Lda. Over the years we have successfully operated in Mozambique and have gained an impeccable reputation in service delivery. In response to the dynamic nature of the business economic environment, the clients and market needs, we recently rebranded to EP Management and Consultancy Services

Presence in Mozambique

EP Management and Consultancy Services is one of the major players in Mozambique. Our head office is in Maputo and virtual branches in Cabo Delgado, Ihambane, Tete, Zambezia, and Nampula

International and Worldwide Networks

EP Management and Consultancy Services offers clients vast worldwide resources, comprising of a global network operating in Our international network links, local, regionally and worldwide, enabling us to exploit the advantages of expertise on an international scale. We currently have joined forces with Quint essencia, MUVA & PT Tri-link Indonesia which specializes in global manpower services (contracting, recruitment and headhunting solutions) with focus on Oil & Gas industry.


Business partners who offer a one-stop service

At EP Management and Consultancy Services we have established an industry focus, ensuring that through our multidisciplinary groups, we are able to bring together professionals that specialise in the same industry. Our teams are multidisciplinary and include people who are specialists in the fields in which they operate.

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