Accurate payroll operation is a key administrative task in any business. It is vital for maintaining good relations in the workplace. It is often the biggest cost to an organization, yet it is not always given the priority it deserves.

Here are 5 easy questions to see if you need to outsource your payroll.

  1. Can your organization handle every payroll calculation and detail with precision and timeliness, week after week?
  2. Do you have the time and personnel to make sure all of these operations are performed accurately throughout the year?
  3. Are you skilled in filing payroll taxes for your company, as well as for each of your employees?
  4. Is your time better spent working on payroll, rather than growing your business?
  5. Do you have a system to issue payments automatically, or at least always effectively and on time?

An expert outsourced payroll provider can bring a variety of advantages for a business, such as:

Improved operating efficiencies
  • Payroll outsourcing allows you to see a transparent, actual cost of payroll.
  • It alleviates the variable cost burdens such as updating technology, systems and staff recruitment and training.
Freeing up time to focus on core activities
  • One of the main reasons to outsource payroll to a specialist provider should be that it helps you to run your business more efficiently.
  • It frees up time and resources to concentrate on strategic areas such as recruitment, retention and staff performance – those areas that have a direct impact on profitability.
  • The outsourced payroll provider will take on the day to day management and responsibility for delivering consistent results and will be proactive by developing the payroll service and benefits to the business
Improve management information
Peace of mind gained from expertise
  • With the constant stream of new and changing legislation, the complexities and demands of today’s payroll are increasing. Compliance is essential and having the security of working with payroll experts means it is one less thing to worry about.
  • A payroll outsourcing specialist like EP Management and Consultancy Services will keep you up to date with the latest legislation and statutory requirements.
  • You can ensure your payroll is managed by payroll professionals not payroll administrators.

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